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Affordable housing bills face $10 billion annual problem

Residential real estate developers throughout California have been anticipating some new affordable housing bills for a while now, as Governor Jerry Brown continues his push to alleviate the ever-expanding affordable housing crisis here in the Golden State. However, now that several bills have floated around the legislature for a while, it is becoming clear that any sort of real solution may still be quite a long way off.

Things to know about your commercial lease

Congratulations on opening or expanding your business! Entering a new commercial lease is a big deal, and definitely not a decision to take lightly. To ensure that you make the best-informed decisions, there are a few things that you should know going in.

Getting the best mall lease is possible with the right knowledge

If you're ready to jump into a commercial lease at a local mall, take a second to consider a few things that could affect you. Depending on the lease and the things you want to do, you need to be sure you're signing a lease in your benefit. Here are a few things you can do to make sure your business is protected.

Local laws complicate marijuana business and real estate

As the infrastructure necessary to support the recreational and medical use of marijuana continues to build out in California, more and more entrepreneurs and real estate developers are seeking to adjust their plans to include elements of these newly minted business opportunities. However, the road to receiving the proper licenses required to play in this emerging space is not as simple as filling out forms and paying some fees. Developers who wish to make marijuana part of the picture officially must still receive the official approval of local officials.

Why do I need an attorney when signing a commercial lease?

If you are considering a commercial lease, especially in a structure that houses multiple commercial tenants, there are number of reasons that it is wise to consult an experienced attorney before signing anything. If you don't take advantage of every opportunity to work the agreement in your favor and identify potential problem areas, you may be signing an agreement that is very hurtful to you and your business.

Proposed law bans dual agency for real estate brokers

When it comes to commercial real estate, the complexity of many of the transactions can lead to some exceptionally intricate deals. Often, in the course of a commercial venture, the lines can blur between where one side of the deal begins and where the other side ends, especially when there are multiple parties involved in the transaction. Needless to say, this creates a potential for many serious conflicts of interest.

What are variances and non-conforming uses?

One of the most frustrating and constricting aspects of searching for a commercial property to buy or rent for your business is the possibility of finding the "perfect place," only to lose it again due to some zoning issue. Not all businesses can operate in just any location, especially in California, which is generally more heavily regulated across all sectors than other states. Of course, many regulations and restrictions can be gotten around using a variance or falling under a non-conforming use allowance.

J.C. Penney closures endanger other businesses

As big box stores and the great American shopping mall continue to struggle in the new economy, some of the industry's biggest players are choosing to throw in the towel. J. C. Penney, which has long been one of several brands that anchored many malls across the country has moved forward with plans to close stores in many locations, including three in California. While this is certainly tough news for loyal customers, these kinds of closings for anchor stores can affect others as well -- especially smaller vendors in malls losing an anchor store.

Reviewing your commercial lease: 2 important things to think about

Nothing better represents the American dream than turning a great idea into a business and being your own boss. However, starting a business is not without its risks. A crucial component of starting a business is leasing a commercial property that provides you the right space for your new venture. For many, a commercial lease will be a significant expense. It is no exaggeration to say that the terms of the lease can go a long way toward making or breaking the financial viability of their business.